Disciple of Autumn


The Circle of Autumn was a natural place for the [Menders] to move to, both as this region is locked in a strange stasis of lower temperatures and perpetual leaf-drop and because few care about its fate. Druids are unable to effectively commune with the nature of this place. If this is the product of a curse, it was likely one accomplished with the aid of a deity who didn’t mind collateral damage to nature—perhaps Îlîth, the greater sun, known for his adherence to vengeful “justice.” Overcoming an Îlîthian curse would be a great task, and one that likely requires years of further research.

Atlas of Central Fao, Songstress Forest—North: Circle of Autumn

Origins & Techniques

Inspiration. I wanted to practice drawing and painting a face from a “looking up” perspective, and before long I was having fun with motion in the leaves and her hair. Originally, I played with using this as the cover for Atlas of Central Fao, but that was only a year into working on it!

Technique. I digitally hand-painted this one, using reference for the lady’s face and some of the leaves swirling around her. I focused more on the intense vibrancy of the colors in terms of its psychedelia, and favored a more intense outline look for her so as to make this piece look almost reminiscent of something out of a comic book.