Majesty Falls

Gorgeous white waters rain down two hills before splashing down into a vibrant pool, which is covered by a small rainbow. A thin pyramidal house stands on an outcropping next to it, a lush forest rising behind it. In the foreground a tropical tree and collections of ferns and rocks are passed by the flowing waters of the pool.


Many gorgeous flowers are in bloom around the grand Majesty Falls, a large waterfall nestled in the southwest of the northern reaches of the Songstress Forest. Many tropical vines such as mandevilla of all shades adorn a large collection of moss-covered, blooming cherry trees. Birds chirp and sing throughout the area as if in competition with the waterfall and the Forktongue river that supplies it, as well as the rains that keep the Weeping Grove the blooming jungle that it is today.

Atlas of Central Fao, Songstress Forest—North: Weeping Grove


My usual mix of photo compositing and painting to keep the lighting consistent, as well as adding subtle detail. The house is, if I remember correctly, actually taken from a small church somewhere in Scandinavia, though I hand-painted its windows to reflect leaves, as it was once a ranger’s home. The waterfall and pool were a single image, though compositing it while maintaining perspective and consistent color for the rocky/grassy plateau to the left was surprisingly tricky. I agonized over a lot of details in this piece, but I ended up being quite happy with it after I added in the rainbow.