All right, the first draft of Atlas of Central Fao is now complete! That means that all of the writing, save for my introductory thoughts on how to use the book, is done, as is all of the art I have had planned for it. I’m still going to have to configure additional assets for readability—e.g. an easy-to-read overview map without the zoom-in fidelity of the released region map—but the core work has been completed.

Next comes some content editing, then copy editing, and then porting the book over to InDesign and formatting it for eBook and print. I’m not yet sure how long these steps will take; thankfully, I work as a content and copy editor, so my prose is at least prone to fewer errors, but no one is perfect. I’ll know better once I get started, which I will at the beginning of July.

Thanks for reading, and for your support!

– Audrey